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JKP Publishing

JKP Publishing is always looking for new artist and repertoire. If you think your song is the next nr. 1 hit, please send it to us at with a biography and your future prospects as an artist or songwriter. We always listen with great interest to every song send in, and we will give you a personal comment on that song as soon as possible. If your repertoir is not suitable for JKP Records to release, we will find another world wide major label for you, to release on. This can only take place if JKP Publishing has the full Publishing rights of that repertoire.

But if we reject, and you think you can proof us wrong just let us know. If in our findings your song is good enough for a try out, we can still try to sell your song in our JKP eShop. This way we can check the potential of the song, en if so get to release it on hardware (cd), iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, E-music, cdfreedom etc, etc. This is only possible if all the song rights are really owned by you, or with the permission of all the songwriters of that particular song. Also it is up to you to promote your songs to get it sold, by live performances, radio airplays, mailings in your network such as myspace, Twitter, Facebook etc etc. Work, work, work and 100% focus on your career, just to be able to be a small piece of that pie, called the music industry. 

Good luck, and hope to hear your song soon. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Sincerely yours,

JKP Team