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JKP Productions

JKP had already had a production hit song that made it through Europe. In 1996 JKP Project released "if ya like ta" in a license deal with Arcade Holland, and this record was on all other Arcade compilation CD,s throughout Europe.

JKP Productions has the songwriters for any kind of music genre, but are specialized in commercial music from the street. Dance, House, R&B, Rap, Hip hop, Urban, Trance, Soul. JKP's focus is to be a big part in the top 40 and top 100 charts in Europe and beyond. We do this because this is the world's flow and demand, in music, style and attitude.

If you're not able to write a song on your own and looking for songs to add to your repertoire, we can be of assistance. We will write the song you’re looking for, specially adapted to your style and key to sing in. It's important for an artist to sing a song he really feels from the heart, and everybody has a different genre he likes.

We will write, arrange, record, mix and master an original and personal song for you including mastering, ready to be released, and provide you with a instrumental version to perform live with. But the cost for you for us to do this is €500,-. This can take place worldwide because we can do this over the internet. We can send you the instrumental track and you can do the vocals in your own country and send the audio vocals back to us so we can mix it into the song.

You need a video clip to promote your song and so we can do this for you. A video clip recorded with a full HD professional camera and your located in The Netherlands (Holland), the lowest cost is €1000,-. If located elsewhere on this planet, the cost is to be seen when needed.

After all this you will need to distribute your song and for this we have JKP Records

JKP entertainment also has all other specialized divisions you need to build your career with, so please scroll through the rest of this site to see if we can help you with other barriers to erase.

Good luck, and hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

JKP Team