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Mastering your demo is the key and can be your ticket to fame.

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As the world of music is evolving over the Internet, JKP also deals with mastering over the internet. Everything is communicated and delivered over the Internet. Your product to us and our end product to you are all delivered over the internet, as well as the payments. This way the cost can drop and the deal with end product delivery seals quicker and is operational worldwide.

Mastering Your Music, Why You Need it and How to Make the Most of it. 

Mastering is what gives depth, punch, clarity and volume to your tracks.

Mastering is part science, part craft, and part alchemy, just like songwriting, singing, performing and recording.

What's important is the way mastering makes songs sound and today mastering can be loud as well as proud.

Approach mastering with the idea that music, like any other art form, attempts to touch people.

Mastering is where the content of your project becomes a coherent and sophisticated artistic creation.

Mastering if done properly, it can literally separate the hits from the rest of the market.

Mastering is the fine-tuning and final equalization of the music for broadcast quality status.

Mastering puts all the frequencies in the correct ranges, so that the bass isn't too loud, the highs don't hurt and the levels are constant with other CDs on the market.

After Mastering hearing what you did with 'my tracks' you are the only person I will let master my stuff, is what an engineer loves to hear and works for as an end result.

Mastering: is the final stage of preparing mixes for production/replication and the last step in the process of making a release.

Does mastering matter to reviewers and A&R executives? "It can matter very much, Artists who are 'in the game' know that they almost always need to take their recordings to the next level, and that includes mastering.

Even so-called demos are being mastered these days. Mastering demos is becoming a standard practice in the hyper-competitive music market, 

Mastering of demos can be an important step in giving an artist an extra edge over the competition.

Whatever you do with the mixing, mastering can take something that sounds good and make it sound great.

The mastering process increases the level and size of your recordings.

In mastering, exceptional hearing and technical expertise are supported by creativity and artistic intuition.

Mastering gives you:

  • Optimizing average and peak volume levels for proper relative loudness
  • Signal processing - compression & EQ
  • Arranging tracks in final sequence
  • Timing of the space between tracks
  • Establish a sonic "field" for all tracks
  • Place track markers at head of all tracks
  • Remove unwanted noise like clicks, pops, hiss
  • Cleanup start and ending of each track (including fades)
  • Insert Master Track Log – the PQ codes required for replication.
  • advanced signal processing tasks such as equalization, expansion, compression, noise reduction, stereo field enhancement and amplification.

What can you do to make your mixes work best for the mastering engineer?  

A good mix is a good mix. If everything is in proper perspective with good balance, then you're probably ready to go.  This is assuming you haven't squashed everything with compression, of course. Use little to no compression on the final mix. This bus compression cannot be undone.  If you're in doubt about compression in your mix, do two versions, one with and one without the compression and send both to the mastering facility. See if you can hear everything at a fairly low volume level on different audio sets in studio, home, car and even on your phone. Try to pay attention to the overall sound and arrangement in order to get your mix as close as you can to what you want to hear. Take (send or name) along a CD that sounds good to you, one that has the type of frequency balance that you would like your CD (track) to have. It will give the mastering engineer an idea of what you want your finished CD to sound like, given that it's a similar style of music. The mastering engineer can NOT mix your record. They do not deal with individual track levels, only frequencies. Our Mastering engineers will try to make time to assess your tracks and advise you on potential mixing decisions you might want to make. Different genres of music have different needs and each artist may have a unique goal. Just try to leave us from 3 to 6 dB of headroom so we've got something to work with.

JKP tries to get into the head of the artist to discover what they want from the song or from the project. We often master one song for the artist to review before moving on to the rest of the project. Also, we could ask you to redo your mix and change a certain aspect to have a better outcome in mastering your song.

Free Mixing and/or Mastering Test, Interested in seeing what we can do with your music? Send us a song (here DropBox) you want mastered by us. Send it in WAV file and not in MP3. Include two or three samples (wich may be in MP3 320K file) of other songs that you love the sound of. We will use them as a reference. We will then send back a short Test cut of your mastered track to you.

Mastering Products:

CD quality digital masters (44.1kHz/16bit)

Video quality digital masters (48k/24bit)

MFiT digital masters (24 bit)

Vinyl digital masters (24 bit)

Hi-Res .mp3 digital masters (320kbps)

Listen to a demo of a already mastered song we had to remaster. First part is the original and the second part the same but remastered by us.

DEMO of a already mastered song, remastered by JKP Mastering that's more clearer and more open.

Link to purchase a mastering for a single track in wav, MP3 or compleet CD project.

Mastering cost

1 track €25,-    2 tracks €45,-    3 tracks €70,-    4 tracks €85,-    5 tracks €100,-

6 tracks €125,-    7 tracks €145,-    8 tracks €170,-    9 tracks €185,- 10 tracks €200,-

11 tracks €225,-    12 tracks €245,-    13 tracks €270,-    14 tracks €185,-    15 tracks €300,-

16 tracks €325,-    17 tracks €345,-    18 tracks €370,-    19  tracks €185,-    20 tracks €400,-

Music styles we work with:

A capella, Acid house, Acid jazz, Acid rock, Alternatieve metal, Alternatieve rock, Ambient, Americana, Arenarock, Aria, Ars antiqua, Ars nova, Ars subtilior, Artcore, Avant-gardejazz, Avant-gardemetal, Bachata, Ballad, Bambuco, Barokmusic, Beatbox, Beatmusic, Belpop, Big beat, Bigband, Black metal, Bluegrass, Blues, Boogaloo, Boogiewoogie, Bop, Bossa nova, Brass, Breakbeat, Breakcore, Britpop, Bubbling, Blackened, deathmetal, Cajun, Canon, Celtic, Celtic punk, Chanson, Charanga, Chicago blues, Chill-out, Chillstep, Christelijke muziek, Classic rock, Close harmony, College rock, Compas, Cooljazz, Country & Western, Countryblues, Cowpunk, Cumbia, Crunkcore, Dance, Dancehall, Dark ambient, Darkcore, Darkwave, Deathmetal, Deephouse, Delta blues, Dirty house, Disco, Dixieland, Doommetal, Dodecafonie, Doowop, Downtempo, Drum and bass, Dubstep, Easy listening, EAI, Electro, Electronic Body Music, Elektronische music, Emocore, Eurobeat, Experimentele rock, Fado, Fanfare, Filmmusic, Flamenco, Folk, Folkmetal, Folkrock, Frenchcore, Fuga, Funk, Funkmetal, Funkrock, Fusion, Futurepop, G-funk, Garage, Gitaarrock, Glam metal, Glamrock, Goa, Gospelmusic, Gothic, Gregoriaans, Grime, Grindcore, Grunge, Hairmetal, Hands Up!, Happy hardcore, Hardbop, Hardcore house, Hardcore punk, Hardcore rap, Hardrock, Hardstyle, Hardtrance, Heavy metal, Hindoe muziek, Hiphop, Hiphouse, Honky-tonk, House, Ierse folk, Improvisatie, Indie, Indorock, Industrial, IDM, Industrial metal, J-pop, Jazz, Jazzrock, Jive, Jodelen, Joik, Jump-up, Keltische music, Church music, Kinderliedjes, Klaairock, Klassiekemusic, Kleinkunst, Klezmer, Kompa, Koormusic, Koralen, K-pop, Krautrock, Kuduro, Levenslied, Lofi, Lounge, Maçonniekemusic, Mariachi, Marchmusic, Mathrock, Merengue, Medieval, Melodieuze deathmetal, Merseybeat, Metal , Metalcore, Microtonalemusic, Middeleeuwsemusic, Minimal music, Moombahton, Mor lam, Mor lam sing, Muzak, Nederbiet, Nederbeat, Nederpop, Nederhop, Nederlandstaligemusic, Negro Spirituals ,Neofolk, Neue Deutsche Härte, New age, New beat, New Orleans blues, New wave, New wave of British heavy metal, Nintendocore, Nocturnem, Noise , No wave, Nu metal, Oi!, Old school, Old-time music, Paganmetal, Palingsound, P-funk, Pop, Post-hardcore, Post-pop, Postpunk, Post-rock, Progressive house, Progressieve metal, Progressieve rock, Psalmen, Psychedelica, Psychobilly, Punk, Qawwali, Ragga, Ragtime, Rai, Rap, Rave, R&B, Rebetika, Reggae, Reggaeton, Renaissancemuziek, Rhythmic industrial, Rock, Rock-'n-roll, Rockabilly, Rococo, Romantiek, Rondo, Rumba, Salonmusic, Salsa, Samba, Schlager, Schranz, Screamo, Serialisme, Shashmaqam, Shockrock, Shoegaze, Ska, Ska-punk, Skatepunk, Skiffle, Smartlap, Son, Soukous, Soul, Soundtrack, Speedcore, Splittercore, Speedmetal, St. Louis-blues, Stonerrock, Streetpunk, Surf, Swing, Symfonische metal, Symfonischemusic, Symfonische rock, Symphonic black metal, Synthpop, Tango, Techno, Tekno, Texas blues, Tex-Mex, Thrashmetal, Toccata, Trance, Triphop, Trap, Urbanpop, Vikingarock, Visual kei, Volksmuziek, Vrije improvisatie, Vrijmetselaarsmusic, Vikingmetal, Wals ,Wereldmusic, Western swing, White metal, Wiegeliedjes, Zouk, Zumba.

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