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Jeffersons (AKA Jef Patrick, CEO JKP Entertainment) is a solo artist specialized in Rap and R&B music. Had a minor hit record in Europe with the house song “If ya like ta” by JKP Project, released as a licensed deal with Arcade records. (non existing anymore). The gimmick in looks are hat and shades at all times. Jeffersons is a Rebel. Frustrated and angry at the way he had to live his life. Jeffersons is born in the Netherlands, then lived in Suriname for 13 years to return to the Netherlands with his parents. Feels like the song on the album (illegal in my motherland). Jeffersons takes no bullshit and brings no bullshit to the plate. (titel song “411”). Straight forward and honest and always fighting for the less fortuned or less strong in this world. The release off his first album called “411” in July 2019 is a biography slice of his life. In performance Jeffersons is a real energy boost combined with simple but cool dance moves. The songs on the album are also energetic with nice melodies and strong hooks and adlips. His inspiration and motivation in music has evolved from artists as MJ, Blackstreet (Guy), Babyface, Boyz II men, Jodeci, Bust da rimes, Bruno Mars, Public Enemy, NWA, Jay Z, Heavy D, DMX and many more. Jeffersons hates Auto tune and loves to hear a hard beat in a song that U can feel through ur entire body as a heartbeat to dance to. Were his life will go from here, depends on this album and his career as a football (soccer) trainer/coach.

Hope to give u more in the near future and for more info, contact (

Jeffersons - 411 Album

Jeffersons is also a great entertainer, artist for Ur party by singing cover songs like:
Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk, When I was Ur man    9. Brian McKnight: Back at one (up-tempo version)
2. Luis Fonsi: Despacito                                                10. Boyz II men : Hard to say goodbuy to yesterday, End of the road.
3. Justin Timberlake: Can't Stop The Feeling!            11. Bobby Brown: My prerogitive
4. Justin Bieber: Sorry                                                   12. Shai: If I eva fall in love
5. Blackstreet:No Digity                                                13. Sam Smith:I'm Not The Only One
6. Montell Jordan:This Is How We Do It                     14. Luther Vandross:Dance With My Father
7. Pharrell Williams: Get Lucky                                    15. Babyface: How Come, How Long
8. Johnny Kemp:Just get paid                                       16. All-4-One:I Swear

Half hour show fee depending on the state and place of preformance. bookings(@) 

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