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Dear visitors,

Welcome to JKP (Just Kickinít Productions) Entertainment International.

Here you can find every possible division you need to get your music known to the world.

Total package (songwriting and video clip) f we write a song incl. A video clip recorded with a professional camera, to be able to present it on youtube etc., that package (song + video clip) all together for €1500,-.

JKP Mastering all info if you want to master your songs / Album by us and to place your order to do so.

JKP Records Because we have the right tools and expertise,you can be online with your music within 24 hours on:iTunes, Amazon mp3, Emusic, Rhapsody & Napsterand in ten minutes here on JKP Entertainment. We can help you to get your music sold internationaly.

JKP Productions can help you to record your music with the right quality standard (mastering) that is needed to be sold. Or even write songs for you in every genre you like.

JKP Publishing is needed to get your music online and to get paid for it. Without a publisher it is hard to get the right payments on your song and we won't be able to sell it for you. Also when needed we can drop your song at any record company who could be interested in your repertoire.

JKP Management A&R (artist and repertoire) can help you and to guide you, from the first step as an artist and help you to become the well known and big selling artist on the internet. We can guide you through out you career building from music to gigs, recordings to promotions, styling to performing etc. etc.

Artist & Bookings You can have a personal promotion page with pictures and your music from Youtube. We always make a video of the music we need to promote and put it on Youtube. Anything you like can be on this personal promotion page. Also we can get you bookings to gigs on it, and there will be a link to your Music e-Store and other links.

JKP_VideoClip4U There is nothing we can't do to satisfy all your video clip needs. A video is necesary to build your career.

So please don't hold back in case you have any question, just contact us at (

All other Entertainment, Sports, wedding, news, (soccer)games, music-event reports, etc. etc. are possible. We can record and process it for you to a good end product. For more info (